Kids can expect a full day of fun at the Faire

The St Ives Medieval Faire has added even more activities for youngsters.

With only one month to go until this year’s St Ives Medieval Faire, preparations are well under way to make the event the biggest and best yet. Of particular focus this year are fun activities for the Faire’s youngest fans.

Aspiring knights can take up sword and shield at the Knight School, and receive instruction from expert teachers at how best to wield the iconic weaponry of these famed warriors.

Not all warriors fought up close, however, so those more interested in testing their aim can try their hand at archery. The ancient sport is a great way to fine tune motor skills, and teachers will be on hand to provide careful direction.

After practicing the basic archery skills, kids aged 12 and over can enter the inflatable course and take part in the emerging sport of Archery Tag – a fast-paced thrill described as “archery meets dodgeball”.

For those more interested in befriending furry and feathered friends, the animal farm will be open for little ones to get up close and personal with alpacas, ducks, pigs, turkeys and more. Those with the spirit of adventure can take a pony ride across the grounds.

A professional juggler will be on hand, doing roaming performances throughout both days of the Faire, as well as teaching workshops for beginners looking to add a new party trick to their repertoire.

The YMCA Jesters Academy will be operating all day, with skilled coaches on hand to help kids aged 5 – 12 pick up some basic acrobatic and balance skills that would serve them well as jesters in the royal court.

Dennis from Murphy’s Puppets will once again be joining the fun at St Ives with two delightful shows – one starring the ever popular Harlequin, and the other, a comical lecture on the art of falconry.

With help from the staff of Ku-ring-gai Library, the Medieval Library also returns to the Faire, offering a place for kids to read about Medieval history, make fierce bubble dragons, enjoy a game of quoits or draughts, or even get crafty by making a beautiful crown or bookmark.

A detailed list of children’s activities at the Faire can be found at here. All activities are included with the cost of entry to the event.

The St Ives Medieval Faire will take place on 23 and 24 September, 2017 at the St Ives Showgrounds. Tickets are available for sale now, or can be bought at the event.


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  1. I can’t find any information on your site to tell me where the festival takes place, only that it is not at St Ives showgrounds! What’s your address?????

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