“Faire Play” is an original video series, where we take a look into the lives of living history heroes all around Australia, that each year participate in the history villages at the St Ives Medieval Faire. Watch them all below!

Videos created by Lowanna Daoud-Opit & Dani Marsland for St Ives Medieval Faire 2018. To get in touch about featuring this video series, please email [email protected]

Season One – 2018

Episode I: Rosalie, a Modern-Day Medieval Tailor

In the first episode of the series, we head to Brisbane to experience a day in the life of Rosalie Gilbert, a modern 14th Century medieval re-enactor and historical clothing enthusiast.

Episode II: Phillip Leitch, a Modern-Day Medieval Knight

We head to Kryal Castle, a replica medieval castle in country Ballarat, Victoria, that’s home to Phillip Leitch, a full-time jousting knight – and champion of the 2018 St Ives Joust.

Episode III: Blair Martin, A Modern-Day Medieval Herald

In Brisbane we meet the Faire’s long-time Lord Herald Blair Martin, and learn about the role of the Herald (the “MC”) in a traditional Jousting Tournament.

Episode IV: Graeme Coles, A Modern-Day Medieval Falconer

We travel to Ballarat, Victoria, to meet Graeme, Paul and Jade from Full Flight Birds of Prey Centre, to learn more about the centuries-old partnership between man and bird.

Full Flight’s Birds of Prey demonstrations are an annual major highlight of our Faire. Watch majestic hunting birds – from owls, falcons and eagles – as they soar and swoop with precision and speed, and witness the recreation of a 15th Century mounted hunt. These birds will capture your imagination.

Episode V: Amy & Rowan Pooley of Long Branch, Modern-Day Medieval Vikings

Over 350 re-enactors from across the country travel to the St Ives Medieval Faire to set up historically accurate encampments spanning several centuries. We meet Rowan & Amy of Long Branch – Viking re-enactors from Wollongong. Rowan & Amy have been involved in our Medieval Faire since the beginning – they even spent their honeymoon at the Faire!

Aftermovie: St Ives Medieval Faire 2018

May we hereby present our official 2018 Aftermovie