Sir Viktor Ruchkin

Name Victor Ruchkin
Age 36
Country Russia
Heraldry Gules, a horse passant argent.
Years jousting 6
Motto ‘Corde at lucem’  (Heart to the light)
Armour Burgundian 15thcentury
Squire Maksim Pridannikov
Weight in armour/combined 145 kg

Viktor Ruchkin has been jousting since 2014 and has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the sport. He first competed at the prestigious Tournament of St. George in Moscow and has improved year to year. He finished second at the event in 2017 and 2018 and more recently won the international solid lance tournament, the ‘Ivanovo Pole’.

Before his jousting career, Ruchkin was a keen reenactor and practiced the art of historical sword fighting. Alongside jousting, he now gives a lot of his time to studying Medieval Italy and the history of horsemanship.

In his day-to-day life, Viktor is a software engineer working all over the world from France to Japan.