The Tilt & Counter Tavern

Rub shoulders with archers and knights, falconers and Crusaders as you sample authentic medieval beverages and watch the bustle of medieval life pass you by.

The middle ages are a thirsty time. Toiling in the fields, hunting through the wilderness, jousting for fame and glory. Whether you’re a knight, a queen or a peasant, all are equal when it comes to thirst. Luckily, The Tilt and Counter Tavern accepts all kinds – as long as your coin is good.

The Tavern is located adjacent to the jousting field, so while you sip your cold brew, you’ll be able to hear the gallop and crunch of the knights vying for glory.

Feast from a beast on the spit, charge your glass to  brave ancestors and watch the brew team work through the exact process of brewing from scratch, medieval-style. This is as close as you’ll ever come to drinking with your forefathers.

Medieval Brewers – Two Birds Brewing

Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen are Two Birds Brewing; the driving force behind Australia’s first female owned brewing company that have been breaking boundaries since 2011. Located in Spotswood, an inner-western suburb of Melbourne, this award-winning brewery typifies everything that is good about the craft beer industry in Australia.

To commemorate our partnership, the team from Two Birds Brewing have created three special brews for the Medieval Faire:

LADY CAROLINE (Golden Ale)- This beer is named in honour of Lady Caroline from Sweden – the first woman to compete in the St Ives Medieval Faire jousting tournament. With toasted malt characters and notes of stonefruit and citrus.

THE CONQUEROR (Cider)- Amongst other victories, William the Conqueror also delivered the sweeter Norman apple to England, making it much easier to produce and increasing the popularity of cider throughout medieval England.

DRAGONS BRIDGE (Spelt Ale) – This refreshing spelt ale, brewed in the style of medieval ales, features Styrian Dragon hops and traditional ingredients to create a brew best served with a side of venison stew.


Opening hours

The Tilt & Counter Tavern is open from 11am until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.