Sir Phillip Leitch

Name Phillip Leitch
Age 45
Country Australia
Colours Red, black & gold
Years jousting 13
Motto ‘Noa pavita’ (Don’t panic)
Armour 15th century, English
Mount Valiant – 12 yr old Friesian stallion, 650 kg
Weight in armour/combined 118 kg / 778 kg

Phillip Leitch is the four-time reigning champion of the St Ives Tournament and will be the knight to beat at the 2019 St Ives Medieval Faire.

At Ballarat’s Kryal Castle, Phillip jousts full time at the iconic tourist attraction on his steed ‘Valiant.’ In fact, he is the only person in Australia to make a living from jousting.

A former Australian Special Forces soldier, Phillip is experienced in martial arts, horse riding and medieval armed combat. Since debuting in 2009, he has jousted all over the world including in Australia, Germany, France, England, Canada and America.

He has participated in in balsa, American solids, pine tip and historical solid jousting and is the only jouster to have won an international tournament in each.

Phil is the two-time and current World Jousting Champion.
Together with fellow Australian, Luke Binks, Phillip is a founding member of ‘The Order of the Star,’ an elite group of knights whose mission is to inspire others to excel.