Michaël Sadde

Name Michaël Sadde
Age 37
Country France
Colours Red & white
Years jousting 11
Motto Pro rege saepe. Pro patria semper (Often for the king, always for country)
Armour Late 15thC armour for the joust

Michaël Sadde is an army veteran turned medieval jouster. He was a non-commissioned military officer in the French Army until he was injured while on duty. Then, he went on to work at the French military horse-riding academy in Paris and retired after 17 years of service.

Michaël’s jousting career began in 2010 and in that same year he created ‘Les Ecuyeres de l’Histoire’, a group of 30 re-enactors and riders who portray various eras. In 2013, Michaël opened a jousting academy where he trains prospective knights in military riding, fencing and mounted combat.

Michaël is incredibly passionate about history and horses. His life is now dedicated to historical re-enactments and he is currently writing a thesis about historical riding during the 15th and 16th centuries.