Medieval Village

Step into a place where time is folded. Let bands of minstrels sing you their tales as you seek warmth by a blacksmith’s forge. Dance with a fool, watch the progress of craft and architecture or discuss daily life and customs with the denizens you encounter.

The Medieval Villages are a stroll through the centuries, from the mysterious Dark Ages to the enlightenment of the High Middle Ages. Each village has been faithfully reconstructed from historical manuscripts, illustrations and paintings to create a fun, authentic and immersive experience for you.

In this cluster of hamlets you will find moments in time brought to life by our skilled actors and educators.  Ask questions about strange contraptions and find out why people are wearing those interesting garments. If you see a cauldron bubbling over a fire, there’ll be someone around to tell you what’s inside. Take this chance to glimpse what day-to-day life was like hundreds of years ago as you speak with enthusiastic reenactors who continue to toil over daily chores, create fascinating handicrafts, and cook authentic meals over smoking coals.

In which village will you feel at home? Are you more comfortable in the unchartered and magical Dark Ages? Or perhaps you are more of a Renaissance person, wanting to witness the economic and intellectual upheaval of the High Middle Ages.

In the sprawling Medieval Village, you can explore the following periods:

  • The Dark Ages (11th and 12th Centuries)
  • 13th Century
  • 14th Century
  • 15th Century
  • 17th Century

Start in the Dark Ages and journey forward through time until you reach the 17th Century – see how technology and tools progressed throughout history, and how roles evolved.

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