Wander the stalls of authentic craftsmen and artisan weapon makers to find the finest armour. See swords that gleam, jewellery that sparkles, drinking horns for your dinner table, and treasures for your friends and family.

When your king demands you fight for honour and glory, will you be ready? Will you have the finest armour, custom-fit? Will your sword gleam and bite? Will your shield bear your heraldry, so your king knows to whose family you bring such honour?

Stallholders will hold demonstrations for those willing to learn a new, old skill. Watch spinners and weavers work magic with nothing but their hands and strands of textiles. Experience the spark and clang of a blacksmith’s forge at our Artisans Alley.

As you venture into the markets, you’ll find over 60 medieval traders, artisans and general vendors.

Markets are open from 9am to 5pm both days.

The Medieval Markets also host a number of included workshop activities including Leatherwork, Maille workshops, SCA Photoboth and the YMCA Jesters Acadeny.

Our 2019 vendors have not yet been confirmed, but below is a taste of our market stalls from 2018.

Arthur Street Objects

Arrow cresting demonstrations and collectables

Ancient Replicas

Medieval armour and accessories

Celt Craft Leather

Handmade leather goods

Cloaks of Honour

Medieval clothing and accessories

Colonial Lake Books

Medieval books

Count Laszlo Leather

Leather accessories

Creative Man

Norwegian Knives and Blacksmith

Credens Hall

Handmade teas and accessories

Cybershop Australia

Alternate fashion and accessories


Medieval tailor demonstrations

Donosali Ceramics


Dragon’s Blood Creations

Medieval clothing and accessories

Dragon’s Tongue HP

Heraldic pyrography sigils

Esford Pty Ltd

Weaponry and armour

FireBear Armoury

Handmade Chain-mail Armour, jewellery and costumes

Flaming Gargoyle Pottery

Medieval pottery

Flow Form Furniture

Camphor Laurel furniture

Fox Hollow

Animal pelts and Taxidermy

Gitane Jewellery & Gifts

Unique upcycled cutlery, jewellery and gifts

Helen’s Handpuppets

Puppets and wooden products

Hints of Celtic Jewellery and Gra Oils

Celtic inspired and Chainmail jewellery

Imagine For Kids

Children’s costumes and accessorie

Jack the Medieval Furrier

Animal skins/pelts/hides

Jean The Hornmaster

Hand made medieval reproductions

Journey of the Seeds Counselling

Medieval books


Children’s faery products

Mainly Medieval

Medieval jewellery and accessories

Marekyn’s Wardrobe

Medieval costumes

Medieval Fightclub

Historical replicas

Mel Schwarz

Hand drawn fantasy illustrations originals, prints and cards

Midgard Designs

Medieval jewellery and accessories

Moonstone Designs


Natural Hand Knits

Handmade leather bags

Neptunes Children

Books and childrens toys

Of Science & Swords

Live Action Role Play weaponry, clothing and accessories

Pat the Weaver

Medieval weaving demonstrations

Rainbow Face and Body Art/White Lotus Henna

Medieval themed Face painting and body art all natural henna body art Products

Realm of Fire Fantasy Art and Dragons

Medieval and fantasy accessories

Saint’s Soaps

Hand crafted artisan soap inspired by history


Handcrafted wooden products and workshops

Seriously Gorgeous Things

Handmade knitted garments

Shamic Wands

Minerals and gemstones

Silver Vixen Archery Supplies

Archery Equipment

Sticks Staves Staffs

Handmade sticks, staves and staffs made from non-native NSW trees

Tales, Tatters and Trinkets

Books, Historical Costumes and accessories

The Cauldron of Wellbeing

Medieval Inspired giftware and Artisan range Herbal Teas

The Curiosity Cabinet

Children’s toys

The Medieval Shoppe

Medieval clothing and jewellery

The Soothsayers

Medium, tarot, rune and palm reading services

The Sword Smyth

Handmade Medieval Celtic & Norse jewellery and accessories

Vagabond Travel Gear

Handmade goat leather satchels, travel bags and accessories

Win’s Medieval Apothecary
(a project of Avalon by Nature)

Gems, jewellery and aromas”

Ye Olde Bowyer – Outback Snoopy

Custom archery bows

Your Karma

Organic clothing

Queen of Celts

Fortune Telling

Bodhran World

Traditional musical instruments and Drumming workshop

The Leura Bodger

Pole lathe woodworker reenactment and sales of wood products

The Village Blacksmith

Blacksmith demontration

Cracked Anvil Forge

Blacksmith demonstration and accessories

Australian Society Of Calligraphers

Calligraphy demonstration

The Australian Medieval Guild
Irish Wolfhounds

Meet Medieval dogs

SCA – Barony of Rowany

Medieval feast reenactment and photobooth

Stoccata Broadsword

Broadsword demonstrations

Seaham Castle

Medieval chain maille making workshop

Basketry NSW Inc

Traditional basketry


LARP demonstrations and activities

YMCA Jesters Academy

Kids learn the skills to become a jester

James Adams Historic Enterprises

Display of medieval weaponry

Leather Art by Silvia

Leather art workshops

Ku-ring-gai Library Tent

Medieval books, all day activities, authors and craft