Minstrels and Musicians


Wayward was founded in 1999 by Nick Potts and Ricarda Reeck, whose love of medieval and Renaissance music and involvement in various re-enactment groups became the basis of their travel and exploration of traditional ballads and historic music.
The name of the band relates to their portrayal of the wandering musicians of the Middle Ages, the “Jongleurs”, who would travel the country playing for nobility and common folk alike.

Like their medieval counterparts Wayward have travelled far and wide, being invited to play at festivals, museums and historic events in Australia, France, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavia.

Wayward’s repertoire spans more than 800 years with the main focus on the songs of the French Trouvères and Troubadours and German Minnesingers, who while singing songs of unrequited love, also sang of crusades and the basic pleasures in life – eating, drinking and the prospect of warm bed.
Whether your taste be dulcet laments set to flute & Wanderlaute, haunting Scandinavian ballads about trolls & werewolves or raucous drinking songs accompanied by hurdy gurdy, shawm, pipes & percussion – Wayward is certain to give you a taste of times of yore and leave you wanting for more.

To find out more please visit www.waywardminstrels.com or http://www.facebook.com/waywardminstrels


Our North Turramurra locals Alex and Megan Cronin along with soprano Myfanwy Dibben have performed for the last 2 years at St Ives.

Pastance came together in 1993 to perform Mediaeval and Renaissance music. Pastance has performed for the early music fraternity but also for a wide range of audiences, from folk festivals and formal concerts to schools, corporate feasts and open air markets.

Their repertoire and performance style has therefore been shaped not only by their diverse musical interests but also by their desire to appeal to this broader audience.

The Sydney based ensemble brings together an amazing diversity of musical ingredients. Harp, lutes, fiddles, recorders, guitars, chittarone, gittern, bagpipes, percussion and vocals are used in arrangements of Anglo/celtic folk, early European and original music to create a remarkable sound.

As well as their unique arrangements of folk songs they explore a vast range of other music ranging from the medieval period, through the Renaissance and Baroque to compositions by Alex Cronin. .


14th Century medieval musicians Robert Brooks and Robert Ely will travel from Melbourne to again welcome you to the St Ives Medieval Faire’s entrance in 2017.



Torin King is a harpist and singer, specialising in “sacred and sublime” songs. Torin performs in English and Old Norse, as well as other ancient languages. Along with being an accomplished performer, Torin also crafts and sells Germanic and Celtic lyres. Don’t miss your chance to see Torin breathe new life into this beautiful, ancient instrument.