Sir Luke Binks

Name Luke Binks
Age 38
Country Australia
Colours Red, black and gold
Years jousting 18
Motto ‘Factis non verbis’ (Deeds, not words)
Armour Mid 15thC Italian armour, made of hardened and tempered spring steel
Squire Kevin Colman
Mount Sincero – 13 yr old Andalusian stallion, 500 kg
Weightin armour/combined 120 kg / 620 kg

Luke Binks is an Australian with a lifelong passion for the chivalric culture of the Middle Ages. He has been a stalwart on the Australian jousting scene for a number of years and now works and trains in Queensland, where he runs his own local re-enactment troop and armouring factory.

Inspired by movies like Robin Hood, Ivanhoe and Excalibur, Luke learnt to fight with real armour and weapons at just 14 years old. By the age of 21, Luke had bought his first jousting horse and around the same time, started his business as a professional armorer.

Luke has travelled the world competing in solid lance jousting and has been a real pioneer for the global jousting community. Luke was one of only three knights in the world to reintroduce jousting with real historical lances and has trained jousters and horses in the sport all over the world.