Luke Binks

Name Luke Binks
Age 37
Country Australia
Heraldry Quarterly in Sable and OR with a lion rampant gardant in the dexter chief quarter
Years jousting 17
Motto Factis non verbis (Deeds, not words)
Armour Mid 15thC Italian armour, made of hardened and tempered spring steel

Born in Queensland, Luke developed a love for all thing medieval from a very early age (thanks to movies like Ivanhoe, Excalibur and Robin Hood), and joined a re-enactment group and learnt to fight in real armour in his teens. At age 21 Luke bought his first horse and proceeded to learn to ride and fight from horseback, at the same time beginning business as a professional armourer. 17 years on, Luke continues to make armour, and has travelled the world jousting and been a real pioneer for the Australian and global jousting community.