Knights Foot Tournament

A chorus of sliding armour plates cuts through the bellows of warriors swinging axe and sword. Their strikes bounce from shields emblazoned with the colours and patterns of their coats of arms. At the St Ives Medieval Faire, Knights will meet on the battleground in a display of skill and might in this fourteenth-century-style foot tournament.

But you must fear not for their safety, gentle Faire-goer! These knights thirst only for glory. And though their swords may be blunted, you will witness the sharp artistry of the sword at work as each warrior tries to dominate their opponent.

With knights wearing the heraldry of their noble houses, it is honour on the line, not mere lives. Their pride is fed by the esteem that can only come from a roaring crowd. You must not only attend this contest of finesse and savagery, you must also contribute. The knights come to impress you. You are to judge with your cheers who among them are the heroic, the gallant, and ultimately, the victorious.