Kids at the Faire

The fun of the Faire is designed for people of all ages, but we have some special activities with our younger fans in mind. From pony rides and craft workshops and dungeon show to a medieval library, pop-up museum, knight’s school, junior archery range and costume competition with prizes for best dressed, there’s something for kids of all ages.

Unless otherwise stated, all of these activities are included with your ticket in to the Faire.


Pick up a bow and quiver of arrows and try your hand at the ancient skill of archery or take up your sword and shield and learn how to be a valiant knight near the Forest entrance. Not all warriors fought up close -archers shot their foes from a safe distance. The Medieval Faire is a great chance for young kids to try out this fun sport that will help fine tune their motor skills. Nova Hollandia has great teachers with many years of experience in teaching kids this almost lost art.

Knight School

Take up your sword and shield and learn how to be a valiant knight. No Band Aids required with these foam swords and foam and latex shields. Kids will burn off tonnes of excess energy learning how to parry, thrust, and stab from Nova Hollandia‘s dedicated teachers. After the high energy thrills of our sword fighting lessons, you’re sure to have a quiet (k)night.

Medieval Library

Ku-ring-gai Library will be setting up a medieval library where kids can relax and read about medieval history, make fierce bubble dragons, get crafty by making their own crown or bookmark, or enjoy a game of draughts, tictac toe, or quoits.

Pony rides

Horses were just about the most advanced transport technology available in medieval times, famous for carrying knights into war. However, most knights and mounted men-at-arms rode smaller horsesknown as coursers and rounceys. On the road to the Battlefield, brush upon your skills with our gentle poniesand imagine growing up to be a knight.

Stocatta School of Defence

In the medieval age, learning how to defend yourself was far more important than learning how to read or write. Knowing how to wield a sword, block an attack and protect yourself was an absolute necessity. Now, the skills perfected by those people long ago have been updated and modernised by the practitioners in the Stocatta School of Defence. Come and watch skilled demonstrations of a huge range of weapons, including the sword and buckler, long sword, short sword, spada, rapier, backsword, two handed sword, quarterstaff and sabres from across Europe.


In the middle of the Medieval Markets step into the dark side of history if you dare! (Warning – performance may not be suitable for younger children.)


Don that peasant smock and lace up your bodice to look the part at the Faire. Prizes for adults and children. Assemble next to the Royal Gate on the western side of the Joust Arena for judging at 1 pm.


Witness demonstrations from medieval traders, experience the spark and clang of a blacksmith’s forge at our Artisans Alley, watch spinners and weavers work magic, or take part in leatherwork, drumming, sword fighting, chain maille and shield-making workshops.


Step back in time. Be a knight for a day. Make and wear your own Maille chainmail. All materials provided.


Be taught how to make leather wristbands and more in this hugely popular craft.


Always a hit with the kids. Paint your timber shield blank then attach leather strapping to the back and away you go to battle.