Lady Caroline Andersson

Name Caroline Andersson
Age 38
Country Sweden
Years Jousting 13
Motto ‘Sine Metu’ (Without Fear)
Armour German Gothic 1480
Squire Frederick Egemalm
Mount Goliath – 10 yr old Percheron gelding
Weight in armour/combined 118 kg

Caroline Andersson is the only female and the only Scandinavian jouster competing at the 2019 St Ives Medieval Faire. She made her debut using solid lances at St Ives in 2018 and with another full year of training under her belt, has returned for a tilt at the title.

Caroline has been an equestrian since she was six and has competed in most disciplines of riding. Her jousting career began in 1996 when she competed in show jousting. Her first jousting tournament was in 2006, and she has since competed in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, France, Poland, Lithuania, England, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

Caroline lives in Uppsala, Sweden with her children and two horses.

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