Sir Anthony Hodges

Name Anthony Hodges
Age 42
Country Australia
Heraldry A lion rampant on a field of “or” (golden) fleur de lis, over a sea of “azure”(blue), under a “argent” (white) chevron and crescent moon.
Years jousting 5
Motto Non est malum hoc facere ius’ (It is never wrong to do right)
Armour 15th century Italian weighing 36kg
Squire Liz Chaplin
Mount Gunner, Waler Mare
Weight in armour/combined 125 kg / 705 kg

Anthony Hodges has a wide-ranging affinity with horses and has been competing in medieval equestrian tournaments since 2013, where he jousted for the first time at Kryal Castle in Ballarat. Since then he has gone on to compete in tournaments throughout Australia, France and the US. Anthony most recently took home the champion jousting title at the Goldfields Medieval Faire in Victoria, and the Chateau Fort de Guise in France this year.

A member of the Kryal Castle jousting team and Queensland’s Order of the Gryphon, Anthony is an extremely well-trained jouster. His agricultural background and experience with problem horses makes him somewhat of an expert horse whisperer.

When he’s not jousting, Anthony can be found training and breeding the noble and reputable Australian warhorses known around the world as ’Walers’ on his property in South East Queensland.