St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire1 day ago

Phillip Leitch
Nationality: Australian
Heraldry: Per chevron embattled pean and gules, in base a griffin segreant.
Armour: 15th Century English, made by Luke Binks of Red Heart Reproductions
Motto: “Noa Pavita” (Don’t Panic)

A former Australian...

St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire2 days ago

Luke Binks
Nationality: Australian
Heraldry: Quarterly in Sable
Armor: Mid 15thC Italian armour of hardened & tempered spring steel.
Motto: Deeds not words - Factis non verbis

Queensland born Luke developed a medieval fascination at an early age....

St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire3 days ago

Clifford Marisma
Name: Cliff Marisma
Nationality: Maltese/Australian
Heraldry: Black & White
Armour: 15th century Maltese, weighing 36 kg
Motto: Et egressus stetit – Stand & go forth

Maltese-born, Australia-raised, Clifford Marisma is a professional equestrian...

St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire3 days ago

A flurry of Frankish blades, bearded axes & berserker fury awaits all challengers in the Viking Battle re-enactment! 🗡🛡 With the alliance of Anglo-Saxons, Normans & Vikings matching against the overwhelming might of the Varangian Guard - the only guarantees are that men will fall,...

St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire3 days ago

Nationality: The Netherlands
Heraldry: Black, white & gold
Armour: 1460s, German gothic –weighing 36 kg
Motto: Aller wiederstand ist vergeblich / "All resistance is futile"

Jousting since he was 21, Arne Koets is one of the most experienced jousters...

St Ives Medieval Faire
St Ives Medieval Faire6 days ago

Life isn’t all feasts, fights & fjords – the Vikings produced skilled craftsmen, farmers, traders & storytellers all helping the Vikings to their expansion in the middle ages. Don’t believe us? Ask one yourself on September 22 or 23!

“The authentic passion of the whole event was evident along with the humour. My boys had six hours of absolute immersion and fun and they’ve NEVER done a festival before. Congratulations! And I am so glad that my boys’ imaginations have been sparked by all of yours.” - Christa Elizabeth

“An amazing day out. I was amazed at the level of detail,” - Rob Watson

Fantastic day out. It was an earthy, friendly and sometimes amusing experience! Excellently organised with high-quality acts and very friendly staff. Thought the jousting was THE BEST! The atmosphere was amazing. Worth every cent! It put the Sydney Easter Show to shame.” - Rachel Allen

“Amazing event - this is our fourth year. There is so much to do and see that we missed the jousting and trebuchet this year. It's both fun and very educational.” - Geraldine Peterson-Clark

“This was our first year at St Ives Medieval Faire and we loved it…The archery was a hit! The kids loved the pony rides as well. We were impressed with the enthusiasm and knowledge of the stallholders and it was great to see young people embracing history.” - Teena Marlin

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