Jousting Tournament

Spectators on both sides stomp and cheer until the confident snort of a warhorse demands silence. Two knights peer through their helms at each other, awaiting the signal to charge. All that can be heard is the flap of standards in the wind. You are about to witness one of the most dangerous sports in history.

The St Ives Jousting Tournament will take place twice daily on both Saturday and Sunday, with the coveted St Ives Medallion awarded to the Tournament victor on Sunday afternoon.

Over two days, the Jousting Tournament will see jousters of the New World pitted against Old World challengers to claim the glory of the St Ives Medallion.
This is no stunt. There is neither papier mâché nor balsawood in the construction of these lances. The steel is real, the wood solid. When the combined weight of a charging warhorse and an armour-clad warrior are concentrated down to the fist-sized coronel on the end of a twelve-foot jousting lance, the impact is no special effect. Each collision will shatter the air as your champion attempts to break his lance upon his opponent’s shoulder guard, unseat him, and send him flying to the woodchips.

You can share in the glory by picking your favourite knight and being there to witness the making of a champion. Will you back the New World innovators from Australia? Or will you trust in the traditions of the Old World giants from the Netherlands? Whose’s name will you scream out? Whose lance do you demand to see split? And who deserves to crumple to the ground?